How do you keep the sexual flow going?

Try to avoid focusing on the task at hand

Make everything as fun and sexy as possible and instead of stopping while you are putting the condom on, you should try and find ways to keep the excitement to increase by for example let your partner put it on or make your partner touch you in a certain way while you are putting it on!

I try to focus on my wife, both looking at her in the face and her body as a whole. She sometimes will also stimulate me.

From these I’ve read, I really put a lot of stock in:

  • keeping the physical contact continuing during “the pause moment” (putting on a condom, switching positions)
  • Having the woman keep masturbating during, so it’s not an entire pause of the situation.
  • Staying close and in the moment with the person, eye contact or sincere words

Hearing those audible qeues from my Girl

By acknowledging my partner sexiness while she sweating to get plowed in bed

Between for play and penetration if my partner is getting into position I will masturbate to keep myself erect

I have yet to find a way to keep the sexual flow going but I do notice my partner telling me it’s okay and don’t think about anything, just enjoy it. She also touches me while also reinforcing me that it’s okay.

A lot of exploration and practice will make it more likely to work better and less stressful. I guess it’s about what works for you

just talking and laughing with my GF in the moment.trying not to take it too seriously helps too.

Maybe if I see my partner’s body; I’m attracted to her and I believe that attraction was catalyst for my erection to begin with.

I am going to practice more on focusing on which other areas of the body feel good. Of the fact that I am going to put my dick inside her, on keeping feeling her body and skin.

Make it fun and have a laugh with my wife.

I try to use oral and kissing to keep it going. But it’s hard to transition back to sex when I’m constantly putting back on condoms

Constantly kissing. Rubbing. Playful banter. Massage. Licking everywhere. Being silly and cute

Keep the sexy conversation going while the action is going on helps. It feels far less formal or cold and directs attention away from the quick matter at hand.

Eye gazing, nipple play, or sensual touch, sexy talk, panting etc

Having the girl put on the condom helps me a fair bit. Also feeling her touch, on places other than my penis in that moment helps.

Dirty talk. Also, telling my wife I love her.

Talking filthy and putting her into different positions during times of doubt