How do you keep the sexual flow going?

I dont, thats the problem. Cant get out of my head and back into the moment.

By staying out of my head.

I try to be continuous and open the condom before so I’m not struggling with opening it, then some foreplay then the condom is ready to grab and put on and there’s not as much of a pause going from one position to the next

Making out

Get my sexual partner to either put a condom for me (if they want to use one) doing other bits in between to keep them on their toes during sex

skin to skin contact, kissing, running my hands over their body

Laughing. Looking into each others eyes. Touching/being touched.

go from foreplay to mutual wank seems to help

I like when she plays with my balls.

I think maybe asking my partner to touch me more often than I do would be beneficial. In general I’m afraid to ask for things and I think that’s kind of part of the problem.

Keep touch, focus on sensations and try to be mindful of your own thoughts. Dictate, use an inner voice to narrate what’s happening, how they feel and what you want to do to your partner as a way to shut out your inner critic.

Sometimes when I need to wear a condom and I don’t want to worry about ruining the mood, I’ll set her on the bed or another high spot, and then eat her out while I’m putting on the condom crouching below, and the helps keep things going.

Realising that your partner loves what you have to offer can itself give you a confidence boost. You are desirable to her, and it’s you that is turning her on. Knowing this can give you a big ego boost when it comes to the time of sex and really help.

Typically having the girl straddling me from above and kissing my neck to keep the energy and arousal up.

Tongue kissing. Getting myself up instead of relying on my partner By masturbating

Laying next to each other and touching each other’s bodies. Playing with myself at the same time can often get me going again. Talking is also such a good thing for me.

I try and focus on what’s happening to me in the moment. It’s not always successful but if I can block out any past negative sexual experiences or ignore the worry or stress I have for something external, then I’ve found I have a much better chance of maintaining my erection.

Touching my partner in certain areas has helped me get a semi erection at times when I was struggling to get it up.

No idea. There is no flow to begin with

I e read a lot of these comments and what others want to do or do in order to keep the flow. I definitely want to focus more on the sensations I’m feeling