How do you keep the sexual flow going?

Not sure

Either I finger her or go down on her and if I can sense that if she is into it I get more confident and not to worry about giving oral will lose my erection

I think relieving the pressure beforehand will work, i’m going to try talking to my partner about this and see what happens from there

i talk more - say with putting on a condom which can be a bit of a ‘oh rush to go grab it before it goes away’ i try to make light of “after all these years i still put it on the wrong way” and if i want some more passionate i ask them to kiss me slowly or play with themselves while i put it on

Touching around the body

I just think about sex and look at my partners expressions turn me on even more

Typically sexy talk. It’s also been helpful for my wife to play with herself or something when I am grabbing lube or something else. Keeping an overall light and fun mood that is still sexy is also helpful. When we do foreplay and she seems really into it, it helps me a lot.

I don’t know I am always afraid to tell the girl what it is I like, afraid that they will be put off by stuff even if it just normal enough foreplay. I think I am just far too self conscious in these situations always thinking too much. then if we do talk and joke about it I find the mood is now ruined but that is just because of my own embarrassment.

I don’t know that it keeps the flow going, but spooning will usually bring my erection back. Or if she turns around and we face each other. With various partners / environments, this may be how we end up if I’ve lost my erection between foreplay and intercourse.

The relaxed nature of just cuddling and kissing, not feeling like she’s waiting for me to be able to perform, helps me to get out of my head.

Keep on kissing and touching each other is usually good…

If the panic arrives, step out of that moment and change something. Move my body, or take a pause.

It makes me feel good when my partner is enjoying herself, so I keep working on her and often that starts to turn me back on. She’s very open to helping but I’ve held back out of pride. I think working on mutual touch and sexy talk will help.

Being very relaxed. Holding and exploring, doing foreplay.

Mostly by touching and being touched

Usually nipple stimulation or taking a break to gather my mind and my breathe, then start back engaging each other.

Continuing foreplay.

I’m submissive, so, once I get into that sub space, my inner critic shuts down.

After doing this section I am going to try tonight to focus on the feeling of us kissing and the feeling of my hands on her body and her hands on mine, not just dwell on my penis

I’ll usually play with her Pusey with my fingers while trying to get out of my head, usually works well, I’m stroking myself at the same time and she always thinks it feels good, but if a slow down before we speed up again.

Sensual kissing and touching are great stimuli for me personally and generally does the trick to help me get back in gear. I think taking it slow and allowing yourself to calm down and breathe have worked in the past, definitely helps make everything feel better…

I keep the sexual flow by going down on her and fingering and touching. If you have the right partner you can make it about the physical touch and pleasing each other in other ways. When I get an erection sometimes I get a physical panic attack I can feel this in my chest at the moment of penetration. I find it good to penetrate only a bit then pull out and breathe to calm down. Really enjoy the penetration And repeat. Until I am more calmed while still erect and then continue will full blown intercourse.