How do you connect box breathing with sexual function?

As the title says. How do you guys connect those two? I just started and personally I find it kinda relaxing but idk what should I think to activate pelvic floor or anything.

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I am no expert and could be wrong but I think once you constantly excercise your pelvic floor it becomes an automatic thing, its like when you hold in pee. I see it as when I started doing abs, i started to have control over muscles in my abdomen I didnt even know existed and that happened naturally


Theres something I saw here on the community page earlier today. another way to exercise it is to contract your pelvic floor by doing the thing that’s stops your pee stream if that makes sense. You’ll feel a lot more work in the muscle doing that. You can do it like reps and sets lol


Box breathing is an exercise to relax and cool down a anxiety, i guess it doesn’t activate the pelvic floor. I use it prior to have sex to relax or while penetrating to calm down…

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