How can i be more consistent?

17 yo male. Gonna be very honest here, out of all the times i’ve had sex, it’s never been with someone i cared too much about, but i’ve lasted between 3 mins and 30, i used to masturbate a lot but have stopped watching porn, sometimes tho i’ll be in my bed stomach down and see something on my phone that arouses me and start moving my johnson on my bed, for some reason this is my weakness and while i don’t use my hand i’m still masturbating, it makes me nut really fast for some reason and even when i try to edge to hold my nut in, it just finds a way out, how do i make my dick less sensitive so i don’t nut as fast


Just don’t get ahead of yourself. The penis is a sensitive organ, dude. Especially with your age and all the hormones going. When you feel yourself getting too caught up in it, slow yourself down or stop. Don’t let the monkey brain take over. Taking control of your thoughts and moderate yourself in the moment is hard, but possible to do


The pelvic floor excersises here are great for that