How are you finding the directed masturbation exercises?

Any touch not on the head of my penis doesn’t do much for me. Although I acknowledge it can feel good. Also did not enjoy having a male voice during this exercise haha

It’s different. I do find myself getting aroused by the soft play before moving onto masturbation

I am enjoying the different ways of touching myself, but am not getting fully aroused from them yet. That said, they are triggering memories of a time when such touches did trigger arousal. I hope this develops so that those triggers are reactivated.

Getting an erection lol

I need a female voice for this exercise

Good so far, found out that I really enjoy a light touch

The slowing down and feeling and touching are allowing my mind to focus on the sensations down there.

This male voice on the 2nd exercise was much better than the female. I found the first exercise very rushed and by the time I was beginning to really notice sensations we were moving on to a different body part. 2nd one was much slower paced and more pleasurable. Had huge success if you know what I mean!

Wasn’t keen on male voice

This was nice. I am going to try again, but I liked focusing on temperature. It was new and nice and helped me focus a lot. I want to work on being present more and not spectatoring. Spectatoring is the #1 issue to my arousals, I believe

I want to try divert my mind from wondering whether I can get hard or not.

I agree with others that the second exercise was much better, although I too would prefer a female voice during these exercises.

I’d rather listen to a woman if I’m going to be directed to touch my balls, I’ve just discovered. But this was a useful exercise all the same.

I’m not getting fully hard but diaing into the sensations is definatly arousing think I just need to practice more so I can get used to the new sensations

This was only the second one so I think it’s too soon to tell. But I enjoy that they seem to be expanded how I think about and experience masturbation.

Love light touch it does arouse me but don’t get hard. Want to work on connecting the two so I don’t rely just on stimulating my genitals and penis to get hard.

Bit odd having a male voice telling me to touch myself!

Loved this exercise. Got an erection without thinking about sex at all. All I had to do was touch myself in a way other than the usual, and focus on the feeling as directed.

I’m enjoying trying the new sensations. Didn’t think I would be as into them as I am

It certainly feels nice and pleasurable but as yet it’s not enough to make me hard, although saying that, there was a little movement in this session as opposed to the one before when there was nothing. I agree, the man’s voice was more relaxing than the first. Perhaps it would be more of a turn on if it was a woman’s voice, just not the stressed woman :wink: