How are you finding the directed masturbation exercises?

It’s giving me great ideas on the different ways in which I can masterbate.

Preferred the male voice. Female sounded in a hurry and a bit frazzled. This was soothing. Loved exploring my thighs and the base of my penis, then working my way up the shaft in a way that I never do when masturbating generally. Looking foreword to more of this!

I would prefer if they were longer. I enjoy the new was of feeling that they encourage. I enjoy the idea of building new neural pathways.

Definitely preferred the second one, and as many of the other comments say, it’s in large part because the tone of the voice from the first one kind of threw me off. It’s kind of amazing that this is probably the first time in my entire life I’ve touched my genitals with such a conscious focus

It was tough to get aroused from some of the touching. I need to work on it

I have a tough time associating these feelings with arousal

Haven’t heard the male voice yet, but like others have stated, the female voice from day 1 was so hurried and frantic. I kept thinking, “Why is she talking so fast…she must be uncomfortable reading these lines.”

I’m desensitized to light touching. Also, a male voice isn’t conducive to arousal for me

Like most, it’s pleasurable but can’t get hard or really aroused with these exercises so far. Not sure if that’s supposed to be normal

Eager to keep working at it. Like some others I would prefer a female voice. I definitely think I am desensitized either because of too much masterbation and not the real thing or due to athletic training where you learn to tune out pain (much like the person in one of the shared therapy sessions). Either way I think this helps and will help with spectatoring

I feel angry that I don’t get hard whilst doing it. I feel like I should be able to. I think I need practice and this is definitely my weakest area because I really struggle to notice any sensations

I really enjoy the male voice, probably also because I’m gay.

Feeling the different pressures of my shaft, especially at the base was interesting as either side of the shaft were different in their pressure and firmness — flipping the shaft and using different hands on either helped break my normal inclinations and be more explorative.

I’d like to work on longer lasting erections, which is a good chunk of my weekly edging practice.

the light touch and feeling all over my penis got me really aroused and i got a very strong erection and i believe it was because i was slowed and focus and almost teasing.

Very useful and playful. It really is enjoyable and meditative.

It’s insightful but both voices have much more to be desired,

I’m enjoying the new sensations from the exercise. I didn’t get hard either day, but I’m going to continue the process. For me, it’s not am issue of getting hard… it’s staying hard

Still very early days, but yes this method I found beneficial. The lightness of touch coupled with a sense of calm - no voice in my head causing distraction.

A more relaxed voice was helpful, easier to ease into the directions. Having moments of pause was also nice. I want to work on feeling different pressures and textures on my body while masturbating.

It felt nice, like increasing the self-love. I really like the guy’s relaxing voice.

I like light touch but I want to work on being more present and enjoying every small sensation so I feel more in general