Holiday performance anxiety

I am halfway into a romantic holiday with my amazing partner. It is kind of our honeymoon but we are doing it before the wedding, but I have bigged it up in my head though I have tried not to.
The background is I have been working on my erection issues for a number of years and started using Mojo over a year ago. Things have got a lot better and the last few months have been the best place I have been in. Sex hasn’t been all too frequent for various other reasons but when we have done it, it has been great and as easy as it has ever been. I was expecting this holiday to be a really sexual time for us and I know my partner wants that too. Although I have been doing really well, I have definitely caused myself stress and have been putting pressure on myself. We have tried twice and I haven’t been able to sustain my erection and have been spectating, which hasn’t happened much lately.

I wonder if other guys can relate to holiday pressure like this - we have been working so hard lately and have had little time to connect and I have been looking forward to this so much that I have put pressure on myself not to waste the opportunity.

It’s probably normal, and just writing this is helping me. My partner has been really understanding and supportive, and whether it happens or not it is not the end of the world, it’s just hard to feel like I have taken a backward step. But writing this feel like a step in the right direction. I am going to do some healthy things with the rest of today as we are just relaxing today - meditating, exercising, healthy food, and just get out of my head and connect with my partner emotionally as that always helps to get me in the mood. No need for this to take over what has been a fantastic holiday so far.


Yeah definitely feel the pressure on breaks that we’ve worked up to be sexual . I think you’re doing the right thing though - just enjoy your holiday together and if the sex comes together as well that’s a lovely bonus- can certainly be sensual without full out sex as well as- massages, relaxing together…


Thanks! Yeah that’s so true about other ways of enjoying ourselves - and I think we do that really well other times, so trying to remind myself that now doesn’t have to be any different in that sense. Nice way of framing it that if it comes together then it’s a bonus and if not then no worries

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