Have you ever told anyone that you have erection issues? How did they react?

Told a few people over the years I’ve had this problem. My wife when this first started happening would get upset and I would end up feeling worse because of it but over time she became understanding and one of my good friends who was very understanding of it.

I had to talk about it to my current GF because it has happened with her several times now. I have reacted to it much worse than she has. While the first few times I could tell she was disappointed, she has since been incredibly supportive and reassuring and has never blamed me or done anything but comfort me during those moments. I think since we have also had a good amount of successful encounters, she knows that it’s possible for things to be better. I think however that she may suspect that she is contributing to the problem somehow, so I hope I cam figure out my own issue so that she doesn’t have to feel like that anymore.

My partner was incredibly supportive. Mojo had been helping particularly the mindfulness and keegle exercises. I have found I can get it up now but I cannot last very long at all. I hope this will get better in time .

Yet to share with anyone but feel more comfortable about doing so after watching these videos. In the early stage of a relationship and feels far more daunting.

My girlfriend, she was supportive

Yes and they understood after the first contact of getting intimate I couldn’t go through with it and explained I was scared I either couldn’t get it up ir might come too quick and didn’t want to disappoint.

I am pretty open to it with close friends and some of my partners. They are amazingly supportive and it feels great to talk about it for me. I can’t imagine keeping something like this insdie and feeling shame. I highly encourage others to talk about it. Even if it doesn’t go well

Yes, the response has always been compassionate and I’ve been met with curiosity and helpfulness. Also, they’ve always opened up themselves around their insecurities.

Yes, to my wife, She was very understanding. We need to have more conversations though , to take the focus away from eraction. I also mentioned to two male friends of mine - they were very comforting. I only had positive experience sharing to people around me

Nope, but I’m sure i’ll bring it up next time

My partner was very supportive and just wanted to know what she could do to help.

my husband knows all about my erection issues. It’s frustrating for both of us, be he supports my journey here though st first he thought he just wasn’t my type. So not true, but understandable he would think that.

I’ve told a few people and I’ve had most been very kind and understanding one sadly I found out she was telling others which hurt… I find my problem is being stuck in my head still even after I’ve told them it’s like I’m created this idea that I must be perfect

I’m 19 and have not told any of my sexual partners, however I really see this helping so in future I’m going to try and be open with an sexual partner I have

Told my best friend a few years ago. He understood at the time, but he’s not been very supportive in the long-term. He never asks about how I’m doing in that department.

I told my current girlfriend a couple months into dating. Befor i would just tells girls, oh im tired or i drank to many beers and im stressed. She was very understanding and has helped me through this healing process. People arnt the monsters we make in our heads

Spoke about it to some of my friends, and some have experienced it themselves, and others are just supportive and don’t think it’s a big deal!

Just told someone on my second date and she was AMAZING about it! Honesty is key in this department guys x

Told a therapist. Also told a couple of sexual partners after we had tried unsuccesfully to have intercourse. Mentioning the issue has helped, I think.

Yes, normally women are quite understanding and feel good that I have allowed myself to be vulnerable