Have you ever told anyone that you have erection issues? How did they react?

My wife and she said it is ok.

My current/ex partner knows. She is understanding but the relationship has been one of great turmoil. I’m also dating and this woman immediately blamed herself then wouldn’t talk to me which left me feeling terrible. Future anxiety issues there… Now my current/ex and I are unsure of our status. But I think she would be very supportive if we get back together and we learn to trust again.

I have told a few people about it. They’ve all been pretty chill and understanding about it. I am considering telling this person I am seeing casually in a couple days. It hasn’t been a problem with her so far. But was when I masterbated last night so I feel like its worth it to bring up.

Yes. They were supportive

I have been able to speak with my partner about it and she has been very supportive and open to helping however she can. I definitely support talking to your partner about it

I didn’t have to say anything…it was quite apparent when I couldn’t get it up. It was a devastating experience and I was rejected. Sometimes I secretly take viagra which sometime works and sometimes doesn’t. I don’t know if it doesn’t work because I’m just too stressed and worried about getting it up, or if there’s another reason it doesn’t work.

I fumbled through it a couple of times after messing around partially clothed with one partner until we were in a situation that it was terribly obvious I wasn’t getting it up. I tried to explain it, but didn’t have the words. He tried to brush it off, but I felt it was awkward. All kinds of feelings can surface, even if they aren’t judgement. Once I learned more about what was causing my ED, I shared that with him in greater specificity and he was verbally very supportive (but I still can’t eliminate the possibility that there’s been a negative impact on the relationship). I do think it’s really important to have a script of sorts prepared, or at least key points and language so you can articulate it with more confidence. I think if you can reassure your partner that it’s a known problem and it’s not their fault, it help calm them and they will hopefully be sympathetic.