Have you ever told anyone that you have erection issues? How did they react?

I have told my mum and my cousin and they have both been very supportive and shared their experiences (which I thought would be very weird and wildly uncomfortable but actually it was really helpful) I am aiming to tell more people.

My wife…more like she learned about thm through experience. It had actually just become an issue for me a couple of months before we met. Yet one failed encounter snowballed so that now, almost fifteen years later, I still have issues having my thoughts kill my erection maybe half the time we have sex. It’s been a difficult road for us both.

I had this conversation with my wife and she was relieved and very supportive. It hasn’t solved my erection issues but was a big step forward in our intimacy.

Yes. And overwhelmingly they were supportive

yeah, I’ve talked to my girlfriend about it, she was a little hurt, thinking it was her fault, but she was very supportive and isn’t giving up on me or anything


I told my girlfriend at the start ofthe relationship. She took it really well and was extremely supportive. I have had issues on and off for the 6.5yrs we have been together, but it has got progressively worse the last 2 years. I believe some of this is just my own body confidence but i think subconsciously i have been more worried and stressed about it since we have started trying to get pregnant. We both want a family so bad, but I feel more and more that when it comes to that time of the month, I am super aware of it and almost paranoid that I won’t get it up, which more often than not has been happening. Our relationship is starting to fall apart and I joined mojo in a last ditch effort to help me and my anxiety. I never thought the hard part of starting a family would be having sex… but its so stressful now, and she has been through so much of me failing that I worry it will never happen. It also doesn’t help that all our friends are getting pregnant left right and centre. Plus we had a miscarriage and have been trying for about a year in total. She’s been so supportive, but its been so hard on both of us, I just hope we can figure it out.

Yes. They were understanding and comforting about it

absolutely, and she was so very supportive. it felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. it is so much better to communicate even though I told her I was embarrassed and did mot feel manly when I did

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They took it very well and understanding but it didn’t affect my ability to keep it up :frowning:

I have only been in one relationship since I started having issues with my ex. My current girlfriend is wonderful and we work around it. She’s very patient and understanding.

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I did and it talked about it when I went flaccid once with her and couldn’t get out of my head. I had told her I used to have a really bad porn addiction and sometimes it created problems with me. She was very understanding and patient. Eventually after some time and relaxing we finished our night together successfully

I told a friend. He was pretty supportive, not judgemental or anything like that.

I have, and it has been quite nerve wracking at the beginning - and very healing afterwards.

I’ve experienced erection issues in the past, in my mid 20s, but rarely and they went away.

Then, in my 30s, they came back and I think they had to do with a very stressful and fearful period of my life, when I was also trying to be more open and forthcoming with my pursuing of women and sex after several years of isolation.

After a while, when I found myself with a steady partner, they went away. But recently - about two years ago - they came back more presently. I developed a fear of sex because of this. It came to a point where I was avoiding it.

I felt the need to confront it, and thankfully my last two relationships (one still ongoing) have been with women who are very supportive and responsive to emotional communication.

I took a lot of courage to open up about this, and I’m glad I did. Through talking with them, I’ve been able to explore and come to terms with the amount of shame and expectations I carry about sex and my own body image and masculinity, and it has led to a process of reconnecting with and accepting myself sexually. Of accepting myself as a sexual being, allowing myself to enjoy sex and my body, as opposed to treating it as a performance.

It’s still a work in progress, but I’m loving the healing journey!

I had never had erection issues and once I started dating my last girlfriend, I had trouble getting it up. We talked about it and I exhausted all the physical possibilities as to why I couldn’t get it up. She was not very supportive and became frustrated which just created more anxiety for me.

Told my ex (who kinda knew anyway) and one of my close (female) friends. They’ve both been incredibly supportive.

I told one of my best friends, he didnt fully understand but he was cool about it and is helping me through it

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Yes, I end up telling my sexual partners after it fails to happen the first time. I think I should probably tell them before so they feel less bad about it and to relieve some of the pressure. They always react in a supportive way and comfort me.

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I told my girlfriend and she was very loving and comforting. Hated it in the moment but now I see and feel that it was the beginning to healing & very helpful for the processing