Have you ever told anyone that you have erection issues? How did they react?

I have never told anyone, but aim to with my partner in the next week. I aim to use effective communication to help tackle this problem, along with all of the meditation, breathing exercises, directed masturbation techniques, etc… I can see value in everything that has been taught so far, and I believe it’s an effective toolset to help tackle this form of ED.

I’ve always been open with my girlfriend about it and she has been very supportive, but it is still an unsolved problem.

Yeah, I’ve had pretty open discussion with every girl I’ve been with - it often helps, I think another thing that I need to remember is be patient, and conversation can help this. It slows things down, get’s you out of your head, confronts the little voice and suddenly you can get back in the flow and the moment of it all and enjoy yourself!

My ex, I failed so many times to start with and she kept saying it was fine and being supportive. I didn’t believe her until I realised she actually meant it and suddenly I was fully comfortable and we had good sex for over a year. Till we split up and I seem to be having these problems again on one night stands with girls I’m not comfortable with and have no real feelings for.

I really struggled to come to terms with it at first, and then, after sharing, both me and my partner were going through understanding it together. It is an ongoing process and I still think from time to time I have to justify myself, hope that together we can get through it.

No I have not. On the verge of moving to a sexual relationship with a younger woman I REALLY like (much younger). Dreading the idea of sharing this but I am slowly getting convinced it may be the best path forward. Like someone else shared, she is 28 yrs younger than me and very sexual. We’ll see how it goes wont we :slight_smile:

Always received grace from the women I’ve confessed to. This usually leads to an erection…

Yes, my girlfriend. She was incredibly supportive <3.

I told the girl I’m currently dating on our first date, after I had difficulty getting it up. She has since said that that was one of the things that she really liked about me - my comfort in being vulnerable with her We have spoken about it a lot since as it is something that comes and goes. She’s great about it and we have discussed how sex doesn’t always have to end in P in V. A lot of the time when I feel like I’m struggling and not ‘performing’ as well as I ’ should". E.g. I’m only 85% hard, she hasn’t even noticed.

I have , and they react in a very helpful way and try to help me and told to me relax

I’ve never told anyone else besides my current partner, who’s the first one I’ve experienced erectile issues with. Before her, I never had any issues with other partners. However, with this current one, she can only get off through penetrative sex, no matter how good the oral sex or touching is, which placed an immense pressure on me to perform. I really like her, but she unfortunately does not understand that it’s my own anxieties, not her that is causing my issues. I give her credit for still trying with me, but I don’t think our relationship will last very much longer as she still blames herself. I’m hoping my next partner is more understanding when we have this conversation if I’m not over my ED issues yet.

I’ve told partners and I’ve told friends to an extent. It’s a very relieving feeling to get it off my chest and hear their experiences with it.

I have been married for 25+ years, and ED showed up about halfway through our marriage. At first, I only talked to my wife about it, and I was so stressed. Beyond my wife, I have only talked to doctors. It always feels like my problem to fix. Over the years there have been ups and downs (literally), but the last couple of years have not been great. I finally felt fed up, and looked for solutions besides medications, and I found Mojo. Although it’s not exactly telling someone face to face about ED, going through this program is helping me to put this in perspective…to realize that I’m not having a unique experience. In fact, it’s quite common. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve seen or read on Mojo and thought - that sounds exactly like me.

I’m feeling less alone and less shameful. And now I’m trying to be more proactive and talking with my wife more directly. We are not good at talking about our sexual lives. I want us to be free and open in this area like we are in other areas. She’s my best friend, but this one is going to take some work. I’m committed to working through it. I hope she is too.

Yes, it helped me perform and not have ED once discussed with my partner at the time

I’ve talked about it with friends and partners. I takes the pressure off but not always in the moment.

She was frustrated and confused initially, but then concerned and supportive

Everyone I have spoken to about this has been supportive and understanding. It is of course frustrating when you are told to “just get out of your head”, because that’s far easier said than done. But hopefully I will be working my way through it with my very supportive partner.

I am a very open person and have a fantastic community of people that I feel comfortable to confide anything with.

I have told my husband (whom I’m separated from), my current boyfriend, my best friend, and my parents…yes…even my parents! Not that I’m shouting it from the mountain tops, but I hate secrets.

My husband was pretty understanding. He doesn’t have ED issues at all, but when I told him it was the stress in the marriage and trying to make it work, as well as life in general and a crazy few years in the world, he understood somewhat.

My boyfriend, who is 18 years younger than me (I’m 40), could actually relate. He feels he has had the same issues in the past and sometimes lacks confidence too, and has purchased viagra to help him. He was very supportive.

My best friend was very accepting and has had the occasional issue too.

And my parents, well, they were wondering why I was in my room each day (doing Mojo courses, of course!) and I confessed to them. My Mum almost wanted to sign my Dad up. but she was very thankful I could be so open and trusting.

In all, each experience was positive and unique, and it is surprising how many people are compassionate, and even more so how many men can relate.

I have had issues not so much with erections, but with orgasms. When my wife and I first started dating it was hard to hide from it. I felt overwhelmed and scared to talk about it. She eventually broached the subject as she saw I wasn’t going to, and we had a really productive conversation about it. Its been a slow process, but I am coming out of my issues and I no longer avoid sex.

Yes. As soon as I opened up everything began to get better. It was also comforting to know that I want the only one because her experiences in the past were similar