Hard then not and I lose it

I am very healthy, I eat clean, I workout every day, testosterone level is good and I get erections easy. Well the past 2 months or so I get ready and my heart goes crazy, I get flushed, my eyes get red and I lose it. Any suggestions???

It’s killing me and my fiancée.


Just to clarify, by ‘get ready’, do you mean foreplay? Or just getting undressed?
When your heart goes crazy, does that mean your heart rate gets over 100?
What thoughts are you having to deal with when you get flushed?
Also curious if you started taking any vitamin B supplements in the past 2 months?

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Why vitamin B supplements?

Try some tantric connection exercises. These will help you to connect and be calm before penetration. It also raises the level of pleasure through the breath and pelvic grounding

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Yes by getting ready that means I am ready to penetrate then I get all flustered. My heart rate does go over 100 and yes I do take all kinds of vitamins including B.

My thoughts before the last two months was oh hell yes now it’s been oh shit I hope I don’t lose it.