Gradual difficulty

I split up from my ex 8 months ago when we last had sex at that time it was fantastic, I went out for a few drinks a couple of weeks ago and found that even when attractive women were available it was difficult for me to get aroused by the situation and since then I’ve found it gradually even more difficult to get erect at all and I fell for a woman near my age 40s but even though I was aroused I couldn’t get erect. Has anyone else had a gradual decline like this?

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Definitely sounds psychological. I’ve had similar experiences and that’s why I’m here. This 20yr old hottie was luckily a champ and helped me power through my almost 40yr old issues. But it sucks when you’re soooo aroused but your boy is nervous to show off. Sucks even more when you got a nice package. lol. I feel like these exercises may help. My problem is that I get TOO excited. Need to try to relax in the moment. Hope this helped.

I wish I knew exactly what the problem was ill keep going with the exercises but I’m gonna give the pills a go as well, fingers crossed, never had anything like this before when sober