Going well until it’s not

I met a wonderful woman, aligned in so many ways, sex was good at first (2 months) and then all the sudden I am caught up in my head and having erection issues. Very frustrating and unsure how to break the cycle. It is 100 percent mental for me and I don’t know why.

The exercises here help with breaking that cycle… there are a lot of us in the same boat.

Here’s a tip that worked for me:
Tilt your hip forward and position it in line with your core/body. When you do this you should notice an extension of your penis making it look even longer. Test your posture by tilting your hip backward and forward engaging your glutes without contracting them too much. Once you find the sweet spot (the optimal position of your hips) your erections should improve because of a better blood flow to your penis.
It changed my sex life :+1:t2:

Put the work in. It can’t hurt. And be open and honest with your partner. Also, try playing together to get started. No expectations, just masturbate together. that tends to get my mind off of anything that I need to do and then everything goes very well after that