Gave myself some self love!

Today, I masturbated for the first time after completing eight days of this therapy, and it was incredible. I was patient with myself and non-judgemental. I gave myself time to explore and feel every sensation and build up an erection, and when it came, I did not press myself to hold it.
From start to finish, I spent about 20 minutes with myself, which is the longest time I think I have ever taken for pleasuring myself, and when I came, it did not just feel like a release but a sense of calm and acceptance.
I am excited to have started this journey, and what will come from it; it will bring me closer to self-love and acceptance.


Beautiful thing to hear, wish you a confident sure path on the journey :heart:


Nice! Thanks for sharing your experience and hope! Cheering for your on your journey :raised_hands:t3: