Feel defeated- disappointed her again with a lost erection

We were in the car… she just got back from a trip and sent me photos of her looking so fine, while she was away, my sex drive was so damn high. I couldnt control myself, thinking about her every hour. When she got back, we were in the car making out and it led to taking off our clothes. I felt so confident at first, like alas, my sex drive is back. I had a hard erection when my pants were on, as soon as i took em off, gone. I worked to get it back up and attempted to enter her… i couldn’t find her V for a good 10 seconds, and I lost the erection. She tried to get me back up again and got on top of me, and again I lost it. I felt so defeated. I didnt feel like a real man anymore. I got angry at myself and sensitive, i noticed myself getting angry with her when she said you have to fix this. My ego got in the way. Dont know what to do man

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Don’t take it too much on yourself as blame, dont let your inner critic win. I have the same issue with me and my partner, only sometimes i mannage to finnish an errection but been 2 months from making her have an orgasm. Follow the steps and built up back your confidance, its not just you have to fix it, in a couple there is we


I understand her frustration but saying “you have to fix this” isn’t helpful. Like you don’t already know this? And aren’t already beating yourself up over it. I’m using this app for my own reasons and I’m trying not to dwell on the past while trying to be positive for the future.