Erection problems? Forget about pills and try this 💪🏻

You need to signal to your body that you are getting ready for sex and a strong erection will follow naturally and your libido will increase
Here we go:
Tilt your hip forward as far as you can go without over contracting your glutes. Comfortably maintain that position and hold it. As you maintain your hips forward, to full range of motion, the area around your penis and your lower core will feel activated and engaged.
As you hold your hips forward more blood will flow rapidly to your penis developing a strong erection.
As the blood flow increases your body will get ready for sex, your libido increases and your mind will follow.
To lose your erection simply relax your hips, they will naturally tilt backwards a bit as if you switched the erection button off.

In conclusion:
if you want to turn the erection button on simply tilt your hips forward and hold in place.
If you want to turn the erection button off simply relax till the hips tilt back to natural position.

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Does this really work? Interested in trying but do you use this in practice?

Yes it does work and yes feel free to practice and build more confidence :+1:t2:

Do you do this while standing, or lying on your back?

This activation technique can be performed and maintained in whichever position you see fit, immediately before and during sex.

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Is there a name for this technique or a way for me to find it otherwise? I’m trying to roll my hips forward and downward but it doesn’t seem to be working. I want to investigate further.

Basically you should perform a ‘posterior pelvic tilt’ and hold that position at the time you are getting sexually aroused. Practise and experiment with different range of motion to find your own sweet spot. Once you hold the hips in the right position the pelvic floor muscles will allow better blood flow to your penis and develop a strong erection.
Here’s a visualisation cue that I use, which helps enormously:
Imagine that your penis is like an empty sack when is relaxed, it looks and feels small, light, soft and deflated just like the empty skin of a sausage.
However, now you’re getting ready for sex and you’re in arousal mode so you perform the ‘POSTERIOR PELVIC TILT’ to open the erection gate. As you maintain this position your empty sack is gradually filling with meat just like filling the skin of a sausage. Slowly you feel your penis growing is size, girth and length as you develop a strong erection till fully hard. Like drawing a sword :wink: