Erection just dies

I’m 18 years old and very healthy i’m a basketball player w abs and everything you could think of. During foreplay I am as hard a rock but right before I put it in my erection just completely dies and it just makes things awkward and for the rest of the night I can even get a little hard.

It’s like my brain flips off my horniness and I don’t understand why

You might just be getting nervous trying to to focus on her and not think about it possibly not getting up. Your 18 there’s nothing wrong with your body it’s just a mental thing

As a 19 year old with the same thing durning foreplay it’s all good but right as I’m about to put it in it dies and one thing I found was try and do smth that you don’t have to use your tool but it gives arousal and then go straight in. I use this but I like giving her head and I don’t even think about getting it up or anything that would block me mentally and then I’m hard and go straight in. Idk give it a try it has worked for me for the most part

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