Ed issues over 60 and married

Just wondering how many of you are in my age bracket, and if the system is helping you?

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Hi. Similar age, and yes Mojo is helping. I’m not sure how well the physical exercises help but they feel the right thing to do and give me the assurance that I’m putting effort into moving forward.

Same with the meditations and visualisations. So, I’d say that my confidence has increased regardless of any better performance in bed (certainly not worse!) and I understand myself and our bodies better.

It’s good to have a bit of comprehension about our situations, yes?, and not feel alone, so I’m very positive about all this.

It’s put ED in perspective, too, and made me feel that life and sex still have plenty to offer, with a reduced reliance on penetration and more on fun or exploration. Of course, if erections improve then even better but I’ve reduced some of that desperate feeling to a shrug and a ‘yeah, it’ll probably get there one day, let’s keep balanced and keep any anxiety at a minimum’.

Does this help at all? Good luck with wherever your path leads.


I’m in my mid 50s so I don’t feel like I’m too far off from you. I’m totally surprised with how much this program has helped me. I am loving the discovery journey with my body. I have many complaints about some app content lol, but overall a 4-star experience for me and I’m glad I spent the money.

I also picked up a book called “The Art of receiving and Giving” by Betty Martin and it has an exercise called the “3 minute game” that is a great extension of the Sensate exercise. I can’t wait to try it with my partner. The book is very focused on learning to dial in on pleasure and sensations which I think is the true antidote to ED.

Good luck brother.

I’m 69 and married 37 years. The fact that still often wake with a morning erection, gives me hope. I do feel the coarse is starting to help. I have noticed that the pelvic floor exercises have given more spark down there. Still workimg pn my inner critic

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