ED completely disappeared after I was on holiday - why? Anyone else?

Hi all, really grateful for thoughts on this strange issue.

I’m in my 30s and have been struggling with ED issues, for which I was taking very small doses of viagra (12.5mg) and working through the exercises on mojo (which were helpful!)

I was on a 2 week holiday away from my girlfriend, travelling throughout Asia. It was an adventurous holiday, and I was staying in some very remote / under-developed areas. So during this time I was sleeping poorly and not eating well (I lost over a stone, despite being average weight to begin with).

Despite that, for about 2 weeks after I returned from this trip, my ED problems were completely gone. And I mean completely. My girlfriend and I had sex every day, sometimes multiple times, and there was absolutely no problem. I was confident, my erections were very strong. Honestly, it was like I was on viagra but I definitely wasn’t taking anything (and hadn’t been since before my trip). It was great.

Two weeks later however, and the old problems are starting to resurface. So I am desperately trying to work out what changed while I was away. Some initial thoughts:

  • I was walking a LOT while I was away. We’re talking 30,000 steps / 16 miles. While I’m still somewhat active in my general life (I go to the gym, play football a few times a week), I work a desk job that involves sitting for long periods at a time. Of course in the evenings I’m watching films with my girlfriend etc so generally a bit more sedentary than I was. So perhaps the difference was the exercise and pelvic floor workouts I was getting while away?

  • I got a lot of sun throughout those two weeks, and returned to my home country which is sadly often overcast. I am indoors a lot working anyway. So that might have something to do with it?

  • I wouldn’t say I am particularly stressed in my day to day life, but I do have a lot of screen time, and general mental stimulation. I have lots of projects and interests, as well as a job that requires a lot of mental exertion. So maybe it was the break from all that that improved my mental health and subsequently ED?

  • Of course, I’m sure taking a break from sex and sexual stimulation (similar to ‘no fap’) helped, and maybe I had heightened sensitivity. But perhaps my drive isn’t as high as I thought, and having had sex every day if not multiple times a day for two weeks, I need a break?

A combination of the above? Or something else I could be missing? Like diet? I am honestly baffled but desperate to know what lifestyle or other changes I need to make in order to keep the last two weeks going.

Can anyone else relate to having experienced this?

Thanks very much for your help, and good luck to all of you.