Does anyone have issues with girlfriend using sex toys

I’m having trouble with my partner using sex toys and I loose interest in sex if she grabs one

@round-emerald-barnacle I quite like the idea that my partner might want to be a bit more adventurous but understand if it’s not having that effect on you.
You might want to have a quick listen to Episode 2 of the Therapy Session Podcast in Resources - Exploring Sexual Intelligence.
The guy in counselling (Ben) makes reference to this but if it’s not of help or relevance, please ignore! Good luck.

I personally don’t have an issue with my girlfriend using sex toys. Before we met she had only used a small vibrator with some fulfillment, but what we discovered is that the Magic Wand brings her an immense amount of sensation to the point where she consistently squirts. I personally find it super arousing to see her so stimulated and turned on, so I often bring out the toys myself and use them on her, which she absolutely loves. I also fully understand my penis will never be able to compete with something that moves at 3,000 rpm! Outside of sex we both are really open about sharing what we like, what our fantasies are, etc. so that really helps us see where each of us is coming from.

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