Do you ever get anxious during sex? How does it affect you?

I’ve honestly never had sex. The first time I came close I didn’t get hard, and frankly that was because I wasn’t aroused or comfortable at all, but I still blamed myself and I’ve been nervous about whether I’ll be able to get it up ever since. I have been in four intimate situations ever since then. Two of them the girl didn’t want to have sex, but we were in an intimate situation and I didn’t get hard. The other two I was around beautiful naked women who wanted me and I didn’t get hard. I feel ashamed.

Yes I get anxious and worried not to keep the erection

Yes - sometimes I think about it and lose focus on how good/connected I feel and end up focusing if I’m hard or not.

It feels like I can’t be present in the moment. The more my mind tries to fight it, the worse it gets. Like quicksand.

Yes, all the time. It keeps from doing most things during sex. Im alway in fear of judgment.

I start worrying if I’m pleasing her and then I spiral into “knowing” I won’t be able to keep it up.


Yes. It makes me worry about whether I will cum and then once it’s in my head that’s it, I start getting soft

Always. It makes me lose my erection. So I have been avoiding sex. Now I need to fix it to save my marriage - but I am worried that additional pressure will make it impossible.

Yes , fearing that my erection is not hard enough for penetration makes it happen

I had a couple of times when I lost my erection and now it’s all I can think about.

Currently am 23 and I recently lost my virginity to an escort. As the session started I was really anxious, nervous and awkward because It was my first time having sex for about 15 mins I responded well to her stimulations but I just couldn’t stay calm so I couldn’t finish

Yes. I usually get an erection to start as I’m not overthinking. Then I recall past experiences where I had trouble. This then sets an expectation that I’m going to have an issue. This triggers me to start to loose my erection. That slight loss of hardness makes me anxious and ‘in my head’ and then it’s all over. Flaccid!

Yes I get anxious because I think of how long my erection may last. I feel The need to hurry to have sex since idk how long my erection will last. It’s like I have a lot pressure built up around my performance

Recently, quite often . Difficult to stay hard on round 2

Yes, because of my previous short comings I worry that I will not get hard or hard enough to live up to the hype during foreplay and then that fear destroys any built up confidence and it spirals down from there.

I may be in the middle of sex, then the fear of keeping an erection kicks in

Yes, I often worry that I won’t be able to stay hard, despite being completely into the moment.

Yes it does. I am constantly anxious my performance will not be what I feel it should be which causes either less hard erections or premature ejaculation

I can’t sustain an erection
And sometimes I can’t even get an erection