Do you ever get anxious during sex? How does it affect you?


Yes, I often think about not being able to get hard during foreplay and my mind wanders leaving me not enjoying the moment like I should.

Im not really sure how to receive pleasure to keep me hard and it makes me go soft real quick

For most of the part it happens with a new partner , what makes just casual sex very difficult

Overthink and go soft

Nervous and go soft

Yea most of the time because of previous experiences. I get anxious that It won’t happen and then when it comes to it, it doesn’t happen

Yes. I get erections whenever my partner and I are in foreplay or making out. I am even able to stay hard when she performs oral sex on me, but once I think about vaginal sex, I get anxious and lose my erection.

Yes, I worry about how my body looks and I stop feeling sexy once my clothes come off.

The vast majority of the time, unless I’ve been drinking or I’m on vacation.

Sometimes if I can’t get it as hard as it can be. I think Sometimes I’m only here to pleasure them to make me feel better.

Yes. I am genuinely focused on my penis working the entire time.

Had this performance anxiety since about 35.Ive been married to the same woman for 20 years. I remember about that time on and off I wouldnt get as hard as I used to. Then I have been selfconscieous about my body as long as I can remember. Low self esteem and raised christian so I had to learn sex was ok but masturbation wasnt. I even was idealistic and believed in waiting to have sex til married. I feel like ai would pick up those skills with my wife. Guess Im not always a fast learner. Then around 2018 I found out about my wife venturing out and having “friends” and I suspected cheating. She just said I neglected her. Like it was ok and all my fault. I was determined to work it out but its been very hard. Feeling incompetent and inadequate has overwhelmed me and made me had increased ed symptoms. Less sex. Only cause I go quickly or dont get hard long. I feel like shes never finished with me. I see the gus she was with making me feel even more insecure. Just devastaing. Ive tried ed meds. Other blood flow pills like redwood and etc. Even the shots. It works but theres no sensation. I just feel Im out of options and I owe my wife the sex she wants and I cant give it to her. It feels like its destroying my whole life.

Yes. Heart starts to race and either can’t get it up or lose it quickly

I get anxious about not being able to get and maintain an erection, it causes me to stay flaccid

With a new partner - I worry they have sexual expectations I might not be able to meet which triggers performance anxiety.

Loss of erection

I get anxious when I try to impress my partner, and have high expectations for myself.

It goes down. I worry whether the desire for sex is shared.

Definalty when im with a new parter, its like I’ve never done this before.