Do you ever get anxious during sex? How does it affect you?

Yes, it’s a constant.

Before hand, I get anxious and my penis seems to retract and that makes me more anxious and then I avoid interaction as I don’t want to feel my penis size isn’t enough and I can’t get hard to make it bigger and work for intercourse

It’s like I’m thinking about having sex right before having sex, rather than just letting it all just flow naturally, then just one thought about will I get it up gets into my head and the thought just completely takes over and i lose my erection

Always with a new partner

I constantly try and dismiss the thought of not being able to get hard but I can’t take my mind off of it.

In my head it feels really good and in the situation i get very engrossed but i think about getting hard too much and stress just hits me that it might not work and it just doesn’t get fully hard and maintain


Can’t get hard at all, when I do I lose the erection

Yes, mostly with new partners.
I get anxious, fearful I won’t be able to perform, and if things don’t go how I thought in my head I get super nervous and ashamed and lose erection

Makes me cum fast.

I get it with my wife out of fear of disappointment

I get anxious because I want to perform well for my partner. I have trouble getting it up and keeping it up in the moment because of performance anxiety, and I feel ashamed and embarrassed when I cannot provide or finish.



I cant just enjoy it im always worrying if its good for her


I get anxious all the time about sex, especially with a new partner. When I am able to get an erection, I feel like I lose it in the act of intercourse and go limp

Noticed tight & anxious muscles.

Yes, feel like I’m not going to stay hard and satisfy my partner

Yeah most of the time, it’s like my anxiety hijacks my body and convinces me there’s going to be an issue!