Do you ever get anxious during sex? How does it affect you? (Part 1)

Yes, particularly with new partners

I don’t directly think anxious thoughts or believe I’m feeling anxious, I just get distracted…which makes me think my habit patterns and porn have made me dependent.

I keep worrying that i wont get hard. So i dont get hard. Condoms were my enemy.

Too much with new girlfriend, and it’s not working.

Yes it causes me to not get an erection right before sex

I feel like i’m always more worried about if the other person is enjoying themselves rather than focusing on my own pleasure. it takes me out of it and it feels more like i’m trying to win a game.

Makes me limp and I want to satisfy my wife

Not. Great

I always get anxious. I feel like an elephant is standing on my chest. I want to run away.

Yes. We will be talking and I’ll feel myself get hard then I will start thinking and even if I go “That won’t happen again don’t worry” the moments gone and it won’t get back up

Anxiety leads to frustration

Sometimes I do

Yes and then I can’t get hard

Yes, this only happens with a new partner. For whatever reason i can’t get it up and thoughts always run through my head that make me freak out prior to knowing I’m going to have sex with that person

I get so anxious even hours or days before.

Yes, I’m worried about getting hard and staying hard long enough to please my woman. I’m worried about the disappointment it may cause her and also the disappointment I’ll feel in myself. It has a big effect on my sense of self as a man and has a big impact on my self confidence

Condoms scare me. Sensations aren’t great for me. I feel like the woman isnt enjoying herself. Makes it hard to stay errect. Literally failed a few times recently.

Yes, I have a new partner , going through a contentious divorce (lot of stress) and absolutely get into performance anxiety . Worry if my penis will work

Yes. I get surprised when it does go well.

I start off performing fine, in the hear of the moment, but as soon as things begin to slow down and I get in my head about my performance and the situation, things become bleak. I become soft and the situation gets worse and worse.