Do you ever get anxious during sex? How does it affect you? (Part 1)

Deflation. I constantly find it hard to stop thinking about all the issues at work.


Definitely more with a new partner. It always feels like the first month or so is really stressful as I’m trying to relax into being calm with them.



I get worried I won’t get erect. I then worry whet my partner will think and it makes the situation worse

With most new partners, except if there’s a sense of complete relaxation and trust, which is rare at that stage…

Yes, it affects me in the way that I am unable to keep an erection

Yes I do feel anxious sometimes during sex with my partner, and when am afraid of finishing too early before satisfying mi wife. It affects me in a big way that confidence I would have started with shuts off.


Yes. As soon as we start engaging in kissing or even simply hugging, my mind is already projected at the potential failure coming.

Yes, I feel like I have an expectation to perform

I am hard during foreplay. Then when it comes down to penetration i overthink, and wonder if I’m hard enough, or if i will stay hard.

Yes, I feel like I’m losing my erection and then of course, I do

I’m with you brief-plum-squid: it feels like an out-of-body experience at times!

I’m with you brief-plum-squid: it sometimes feels like an out of body experience, which is REALLY not helpful!

All the time and more so with a new girl, once I get comfortable it gets better but I’m so concerned with getting it up that night by the time Dinner is over and it’s bed time over overthought everything to such a level that I can’t get into the mood and enjoy it myself. I really want her to be satisfied by me and the thought of not achieving that really deflates me.

Yes I had my first erection issues when I was with my first girlfriend and it keeps coming back to haunt me, I seem to be able to over ride viagra too. It’s very depressing.

I constantly am thinking about if I’m enjoying myself are they enjoying themselves and then usually turn to doubts about getting hard

I have started to get anxious. Most of the time I can get hard enough for penetration but will lose it quickly after. I lose it during sex because I am constantly worrying about keeping it up all the time. Performance anxiety, stress, fear is always innmy head. Seems as though almost anything can distract me now.