Do you ever get anxious during sex? How does it affect you? (Part 1)

I call that my logistics thoughts. I’m so consumed with how to deliver the goods that the goods go away.

anxious and just too focused on the other persons pleasure. Anxious about how I come across when enjoying the pleasure

Yes because I really want to please my partner and her high sex drive. Worrying about finishing too fast or not having enough energy for multiple rounds makes me anxious.


Quite often. I worry if it’ll go soft as it’s been during my recent year, then I overthink normally, leading to issues in bed.

I can’t get off easily anymore and I can’t finish my gf with my oenis 90% of the time and resort to oral or touching to finish it, but that wears out.

Yes, I am thinking will I and can I get hard. However, it doesn’t always feel like anxiety.

This is a new situation to me. I have split up with my partner. In a first interaction with someone new I felt like is not going up and I start thinking about in. Now I can’t stop.

iget too excited in the bed room and then before w no it boom goes the dynamite its plagued me my entire adult life then when I thought I was getting a handle on it boom goes the dynamite turns into a two buck chuck and nothing a gain for hours

My wife and I have been together many years and with that come good times and bad when we are in the bed I often get hung up on thoughts of times when we weren’t doing so well or times of poor sex performance in the past or just the want to make it good for her

Yes - so often that it makes me feel like normal sex is something that only ever happens to other people.

Yes. Becomes perfomative

My anxiety started before sex.
But it’s source is probably from during sex

I often get worried about being able to maintain for the full duration of sex, and struggle to ejaculate sometimes because of thoughts that pop into my head like “am I doing this right, are they enjoying it”




Yes I want to please my partner more than anything else and when I start overthinking it I get anxious

Constant fear of losing an erection before and during sex


That sooo Beautiful