Do you ever get anxious during sex? How does it affect you? (Part 1)

Always did, and still dealing with that. Been working on this problem for years now and I see improvement. I’d say 25%.
It’s confusing and chasing the girls away,

I get anxious that I won’t perform

I am getting anxious because I used to be forced to have sex under threat of psychological abuse. I want to perform now but the triggers are too strong and come out of nowhere.

I notice my heart beats a lot faster, noticeably faster, and I am worried that she will notice I’m freaking out


Im a gay male, and I routinely have a hard time getting it up for men that I find very attractive.

Yes - Not able to get erection or keep an erection sometimes

ever since my partner cheated and we broke up, i cant stop thinking of being the lesser man. now i cant get it up.

I get stuck in my head, worry that she’s not enjoying it, or that I’m getting soft, and then as soon as I think that, I can’t stop thinking it, and I go soft.

Yes, I get worried what they may say to other people

I think “what if it doesn’t work” or “I’m not going to be able to stay hard”. I’m no longer in the moment.

Yes my very first experience of sex was riddled with anxious feelings which has put me off the idea ever since. Now because I haven’t addressed the problem for so long I have ED whilst I’m alone. It’s mad! Feeling hopeful that with some work I can recover tho!

Yes, it makes my erections go away and takes me out of the moment


Yes I do, it makes me feel as if I let the person I’m sharing the moment with down and therefore lowering my own confidence

yes, usually during. i get hard in the start but during sex i can’t remain such.

Nervous and talk too much. Over thrust to get erection back.

Every time. I get stuck worrying about if I’ll stay hard and if I don’t if I’ll be able to get hard again, etc, etc

Always. My anxiety kills me.

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