Dick image and insecurities

So. Struggling a bit these days, in general with the old meat appendage.

Just to get visceral.

On a flop my lad is pretty unremarkable. Did alot of cold water stuff so im used to seing him practically decend into my pelvic region! Much to my own amusement.

Didnt for a long time but for a new ish partner i tend to skim the gonads clean but she likes a bit of fluff along the cock and pubic region as she likes the friction on the cat flap

Hard. He’s bang on avarage for length, pretty good for girth and has a slight left hook from lower shaft. (It has been commented on by almost every partner and ever one likes it)

I hate when a partner tells you what a big dick you have. For me its just a comparison that doesn’t need to be made, unless you are genuinely packing!

New partner has had alot of cocks. 35-40 by her count. Found it hard to cope with at first. But shes had a really fucked up youth and it was a coping mechanism. Everyone is allowed a past. She settled into adulthood and it chilled out, had a kid and no sex for a few years.

Im up to 6 axe wounds. Loyal as a puppy and never been on the hunt for ■■■■. Was married for 13 years too so thats a factor.

We are both massively stressed with life, work, parenting issues and allsorts. My semi useful trouser snake isnt isnt helping for me but shes supportive. Has her own issues that rub off on me but that’s another story.

Always had a solid boner. Now I do not. Im frustrated, disappointed in myself and fucking disgusted that I rarely give my new partner an absolutely fucking disgusting smash. I talked a big game before I hit her with the anaesthetised slug.

Really want to cave her in. Shes remarkable, resiliant and I find her enthralling.

My dick is the problem. Im will fix it for her.
I Love her.

Love you flaccid bastards too

Share your tales, insecurities. We all have them. I didnt know that until my post marriage relationship.

Its all good brothers. We aint in the same boat but we are all sailing towards the same goal.



Hey W., thanks for sharing your story. The quote above is what stood out most to me when reading your post a few times and reflecting on what you shared. Just like most all of us here, our equipment doesn’t always work as we intend to, and then we get in our heads about it. What’s worse? We can be really hard on ourselves for when things don’t go as planned.

What often helps me when I find myself getting more in my head is to focus on exercise and meditation first, then try to pay closer attention to how you talk to yourself around the topic of sex.