Desensitized wt a young age

Hello everyone

I was introduced to porn and masturbation since I was about 8. I am currently 27 and since then, I’ve masturbated almost daily since then.

What advice would you give to someone who has been desensitized for such a long time. Sometimes, I do not even feel horny, I just do it to fall asleep.

I would advise you to form a new relationship with it and detach it from a form of relief or self-soothing.
I used it a lot when I was bored, anxious or restless.
Now, I am focusing on using healthier ways to deal with these things and calm myself down, like drinking tea or reading a book, I’ve also stopped using social media or other stimulations to distract me from my feelings, giving my brain a dopamine detox which I feel porn and masturbation was a big part of.