Check in: How's everybody's mental health?

How’s everybody’s mental health today?

Shocking. No matter what i try it doesnt seem to help. The only thing that works is viagra but that in itself is exhausting.

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Sounds like it’s feeling like an uphill battle for you recently. Is there a lot going on for you?

I’ve heard a few Mojo members (and our founders) say using viagra was really mentally taxing or just made them feel hollow, weird, or like they were ‘cheating’.

Yeah it feels like i am a fraud as it does make me perform very well, but i just feel fake. Let alone the cost and having to time it correctly.
I just dont know what to do as im not sure if its physical or psychological. Ive been a member for nearly 6 months now, done all the exercises and i meditate everyday but still nothing.

I am physically fit and still fairly young. I dont know what to do as its having a dangerously devastating effect on my mental health as there seems no way to solve this.

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Honestly, you are putting serious work in! I can see why you’re getting jaded and frustrated if you’re not getting back anything for what you’re putting in.

Have you been to a Mojo Connect yet? Might be a good forum to explain where you’re at and get some advice so you can rejuvenate your strategy and keep going. I think Xander is hosting the next one on Monday if you can make it, and he could definitely include a talking point to help someone in your situation (you don’t have to identify yourself ofc). I can send you a link to book if you like :slight_smile:

What sort of impact is it having on your mental health? Maybe we can think about lifting some of that load first, and then we can think strategically about what else might help your erections.

Yeah ive done a mojo connect before.

Its having a serious effect like i don’t see the point in carrying on if this isnt sorted. Ive faced it head on with no joy. All the docs have done is given me a basic blood test to check my testosterone, which they say is fine and its most likely psychological. All they want to do then is offer a prescription of viagra.

But i beg to differ its psychological because i hardly ever get morning wood and my erections are poor through masterbation. Yet they are rock hard with viagra. Because i dont smoke, only 39 and exercise regularly they say it wont be physical. But then how does that explain the lack of morning wood (evem though its there odd time) and poor erections while masterbating?

I just think i need a direction to go in to attack it. Ive looked for advice everywhere to see if my problem is psychological or physical but to no avail.

Hey SBQ!

We really want to support you however we can. If you aren’t seeing the gains from Mojo and getting the most value from it we would love to jump on a call and see if there is anything we can do. Maybe coach you through some of the material and see how you have been interacting with the expert advice.

Would you be open to having a chat with one of the team to see if we can help?


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Hey guys just joined really hoping this can take care of things I’ve been had experiences where I can’t get it up using Viagra which kinda makes me think my doctor didn’t give me real viagra I know sugar pills or duds whatever you wanna call them are a thing but idk why he would do that anyways I know it’s mental because I have Greta erections in the morning or when i wake up at night or when I maturbste it’s o my during sec I experience problems which makes me. Stay in all the time I’m 25 my friend safe out every night at Keats every weekend I haven’t been to the bar in 3 months and so if I go back I’m not gonna know how to talk to women anymore if I keep it I’ll too long so ya I just have a huge Mental block I need to work through and I’m looking forward to this journey thanks for letting me share

Yeah id certainly be up for having a chat. Thank you

I’m seeing a lot of info/explore tabs re sexual activity as it happens - but is there anything for someone who hasn’t been active as a result of a series of factors- ED being a reason, e.g getting back in after months out

Super worried about the environment and the state of politics at the moment.