Change my screen name?

I hate my screen name. Seriously, “Miniature” anything is a terrible name for someone struggling with self body image. Any advice how I can change my screen name?

You’re totally right, I’ll remove that word from the list and regenerate your username :slight_smile:

We did go through the list quite carefully to remove potentially problematic ones, but there will always be a couple which slip through. Appreciate you bringing it to our attention :100:

@relaxed-maroon-fox That’s done now - sorry again for the bother, and I hope the new one is acceptable for the time being. We’ll hopefully introduce the ability to customize things in the community at some stage.

If anyone else feels their username is problematic, let us know (in this thread, or hit the “help” button in the app) and I’d be happy to generate a new one :+1:

Thanks a lot guys!

Be nice to change violent and bonobo if possible!

@marvellous-indigo-chipmunk Updated for you also :slight_smile: