Boosting your Arousal Meditation Series

I have a question about the body scans during these practices. I thought it was supposed to be a mental scan from head to toe and I just could not feel anything unless I had aching muscles from exercising and I didn’t see any benefit from that. So, I took it upon myself to do self sensate so that I could feel something. I did finish the series but am completely unsure if I did it correctly. Is it supposed to be a mental scan, and if so, any tips on how to better approach or maybe guidance on what is working for others? The meditations in Mojo coupled with other meditation practices I have been doing are helping me be much more present in and out of the bedroom so I am very thankful for that.

I believe it is intended to be a mental scan. I don’t know if the said it explicitly, but “feel nothing” is a valid answer as you perform your scan. I find that for most of my body during scans that is what I find.

That can make the practice boring and hard to take seriously. Here are some things I do to help make that practice more interesting and engaging. As I move from section to section I:

  • look for tension (I frequently find tension in my forehead or sometimes in my shoulders, back, or thighs)
  • look for temperature differences/gradients (cool air blowing on my skin, heat radiating from my head, warmth in my core, cold in my extremities)
  • scan in reverse (feet-to-head instead of head-to-feet)
  • use color (what color would I use to represent the area I’m scanning - light blue for slight cold in my toes or the cool air as it enters my body, light red for radiating heat or for the air as I exhale, earthy brown for my feet and calves as I notice there sturdy grounded connection to the floor beneath my feet)

Don’t strain or seek an answer as you scan your body. Let go of expectations and effort as you scan. When you achieve this it will feel less like you are “trying” to do it and more like things are just there and you just happen to be “noticing” things that are true. And you will be ambivalent about those truths other than the fact that they are interesting to you while you are noticing them.

I hope that makes sense. Best of luck.


*as I notice their sturdy […]

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Thank you so much, I will work on this using your tips.