Big breakthrough!

Taking on wins and shutting down the negative asshole talking shit inside your head. Had sex twice last night and once this morning. Literally having a mental battle last night between the inner critic in us all and what I’ve learned while on Mojo thus far. I was nervous and anxious, but I pushed through and conquered the asshole in my head and had an amazing night/morning! I feel so confident and better about myself and these mental issues that we all struggle with. It’s all mental boys…for most of us. Be strong and push through the uncomfortable feelings of performance anxiety and trust yourself…mind/body connection….it really does work. Give yourself grace especially….be kind to yourself and I feel this will all disappear. These are some big wins for me personally….can’t wait to truly bury this negative inner critic asshole in my head. He’s not real and definitely not helpful. He only exists in our head if we allow him to be there.


Hell yeah! Had sex a couple times myself last night and while the erections weren’t as strong the other couple of times it’s nice to know that it’s still in me! Progress is good and we are getting better at handling it🙏🏽


Celebrate the wins brother! Well done!

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Just what I needed to hear this morning

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Congratz!! Hope we all get there🤘🏻

Congratulations. Well done :+1:

Let’s go!!!