Being on top issue

I’ve been talking to this girl ( who is going to end up being my girlfriend) and shes super supportive of my ED problem. Before my sex drive was crazy low and I didn’t want to have sex because I would always go soft. Couple nights ago we ended up having sex. But I noticed that when I get on top of her I start to go soft. Anyone with a similar issue?

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+1. I guess for me even being on bottom if the movement isn’t right I go soft. I’d attribute it to a blood issue maybe, but also could be a mentality thing?

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Im amazed that you felt safe to talk to her about it in the first place. You’re an inspiration for that alone. How did she respond to this incident?


Thanks man!

I was just honest with her. I told her I use to be addicted to porn. Just be honest with whoever you are, it might be super embarrassing. But I never wanted her to think that the issue was her

Happens to me all the time and, to be honest, it’s an issue between me and my GF, as it’s her favourite position. Any tips would be welcome. And good luck, my friend.

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Thanks man! One thing I notice is if I’m laying down then we can have sex. Progress is progress