Been having low libido with gf but rock hard alone with a lot of masturbation

Haven’t felt connected to her recently. It’s been tough. Kinda haven’t felt appreciated or loved. In the small ways. For example, I tell her how I’d like to watch a band live, she says “that’ll be fun!” Looks up tickets and buys one for herself. She does shit like this in small ways all the time. Today 4th of July, I’m spending it without her cause she wants to be with her best friend (girl). We haven’t been having great sex cause I just don’t feel like she wants me idk. Maybe thats the inner critic cause she is sweet in other ways.

When I’m alone I’m Rock hard for hours and masturbate like 7 times. I legit jerked off today like 7-8 times. I’m tired of this shit lol

Stop jerking it so much, that’s a good place to start. Probably time to have a chat with her about her engagement in the relationship and be ready to cut ties with her if you don’t get a good vibe from the chat and instant progress. Good time to move on if it’s dropping off and you’re not entangled with kids/finances

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Welcome to the club

She sounds shitty.
We love you bro


Don’t settle for anyone who makes you feel shit like this

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If that’s the way she treats you, I don’t think she’s worth it. You could also be over-masturbating. Try to pull it back to no more than 3 times a day.

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