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I am struggling with something like ED.I can’t be as hard as I used to be.Do any of you guys can suggest my something that I can do by myself?

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Hey all!

My issue may seem super different but still falls into the anxiety realm.
I get freaked out by closeness and touch to my body. Never been comfortable with that after wondering why sex has always been such a struggle for me. This is coupled with body shame and always worrying too much about what she’s thinking of me.
I also find sex to be so so intimate which I know sounds odd cos that is clear but the mental intimacy and closeness, physical and mentally is real and that attention and pressure I feel before and during is huge.
I’d love to be able to love me more, feel super comfy in my own skin, stop worrying what she probably isn’t thinking and be present in the moment.
I honestly don’t know what making love feels like and I’m 42.

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Liebe love you

I had a similar experience when looking up information in the library, then Amazon books etc. I didn’t know the terminology and ‘loss of libido’, ‘low libido’ etc was 99% about women, even though this is generally accepted as a natural progression for men later in life. ED searched also bring up Eating Disorders, of course, so taking the plunge and typing Erectile Disfunction was necessary but doesn’t seem to have much info inbetween a) people who want to sell you things, and b) science papers in largely impenetrable language to the lay person. I’ve learnt more from this App than hours on the internet and flicking through books and publications for some hope that things aren’t inevitable and irreversible.

I often experience that I can ejaculate but I don’t feel like I am having an orgasm. For myself it can feel like the two are disconnected. It can be really frustrating when I am struggling to get an erection and then when I finally do I ejaculate and it’s all over.

Hi there guys,

I’ve no clue what’s going on. I’m in my mid 20s and I can get an erection and hold it, but only after a significant amount of hand or/and oral effort put in by a partner.

There is no spontaneity and I cannot get one going by myself. I was fully sure this was a physical issue as the first few times I happened a put no pass on it whatsoever, thought I’d just drank too much and whatnot. But then the problem persisted. I’ve seen a few specialists, and they seem to think physically and chemically, everything is in working order. When this started occurring I was going through an extremely stressful period in work, but now I’m more relaxed than I’ve been in years, in better shape in years as well and now this is occurring. I’m just wondering has anyone experienced a similar issue?

I never had an issue with seeing it as a “woman’s problem” but I definitely felt isolated and like I was the only man experiencing this. Hearing that so many other men are facing the same thing makes me feel much better and I hope the taboo only lessons over the years.

Whenever I’ve tried to google erection difficulty before, I mostly got bombarded with ads for pills. And thanks to the way internet advertising works, I then received ads for those same pills and other implements everywhere else on the web as well, to the point where I didn’t want anyone looking at my screen anymore.