Anxiety, memories of my ex, self image, what is my problem

I am 60 years old and a heart attack survivor. 200 mg of Viagra works great for me, and I use a cock ring to keep it hard But sometimes I still lose it.

Tonight I was with my 24 year old girlfriend, no viagra, was not able to get fully hard. My anxiety was off the charts this week leading up to it. Tonight was the first night we were going to be intimate. I have been worried sick if I could get hard without viagra.

She was lovely and understanding, we were able to do other things and a couple times I was able to get hard enough to penetrate her and do a decent job performing, but then I lost it and went soft.

Thoughts of my ex-wife pop in my head.

I am at my lowest. I have two girlfriends who the relationships are centered around sex and my ability to please them.