Answer the 4Ds and share how you’re going to get the bond you want

Discovery: With the person I’m seeing, we do have a solid amount in common. Food, like being warm, have the same sense of humor. I enjoy spending time with them
Dream: My dream is to have a great family and be successful in my work. I’d like to give to my kids and my wife/her family
Design: I need to become a better communicator and not stray away from it. I am looking forward to getting past my ED issues, that was a suspect that I am finally getting past now.
Destiny: Continue Meditation, Stretching, Maintaining healthy life style. As well as anything Mojo has to offer.

It’s good to see relationships and commitment in different ways

The best part of our relationship is our mutual respect and partnership. We genuinely enjoy one another’s company and work very well together. Years into our marriage, I still find myself drawn and attracted to her. In a better future, there is more time for intimacy and intimacy doesn’t feel pressured, like it’s this rare thing that needs to be perfect each time. We will have time to grow sexually and fulfill one another’s sexual desires. To get there, I need to continue with this program, grow my confidence, and develop a healthier mindset. We need to find more time for each other, practicing those bids for connection and simmering. The communication had improved and there is acceptance that a fulfilling relationship is an ongoing process. I need to continue my practice and feel good about what I have accomplished. She supports my work. Hopefully we will enter into it as a couple.

We love each other and always respond to each others bids. We care and are always there for each other. In the future we hope to live together and live productive healthy lives together. We need to

I am in a new relationship so the honeymoon period bond is strong. We hope to evolve that bond into something special and unbreakable.

Good discussion feeling like I am seen
Dream: feeling love

The best part of my relationship is the unwavering support and affection my partner gives me. The best future I can hope for is for us to push each other to grow and to know exactly how to best support each other when we need something. We need to constantly push to connect with each other on a daily basis so that our connection grows deep and we intuitively understand how to push the other person and how to support each other in the best way possible. I might commit to that by focusing on answering her bids for attention with my full attention and not dividing my attention when she’s talking to me.

We talk about the future all the time, but lots of the time, there is no follow through. Or who is going to do what for our goal.

We’re very clear on what we both want and communicate this really well with one another. In this regard I am very lucky but we are only 4 months in.

Design is the stage when communication is key and be willing to have vulnerable conversations. She’ll understand and love me more when we do.

I typed this all the way out twice and I accidentally exited the screen and it cleared everything that I wrote so I’m settling for this :joy:

Discovery: the best part of our relationship is our honesty and communication, especially since embarking in an open relationship our communication had increased tenfold

Dream: A loving and supportive relationship where sex, life and work continue to thrive

Design: A more positive outlook of self and of life… and engaging more with my partner

Destiny: To ensure that my partner understands my goal and that I understand hers, and highlight the common ground

I dunno

Open communication without judgement.
Do be there to help eachother through struggles and support one another to evolve, let go and deepen.
Own my issues. They are not for anyone else to solve.
They are not who I am but they are mine.
I need to be deeply connected and able to be utterly vulnerable with a person who is highly emotionally intelligent, deeply loving, playful and understanding.

Discovery: the respect we have for each other, and how devoted we are to each other’s happiness and well-being

Dream: living a dignified life, connected to each other, the land and our community

Design: working on our relationship whenever we can, our sex lives, staying healthy and creating some measure of economic security for ourselves,

Destiny: each working on ourselves when we need to. Making sure our families (who need our support) know our boundaries and limitations. Committing to our friendships and hobbies, the things that make us enjoy life outside of sex, so that we have the energy to do all of this, while also working all the time, which is hard.


The bond we have, the love we have and the fun we have this is the best part. We can spend days and days and it will feel like hours.

I hope we get to a point where i feel complete trust and comfort. Where our sex life is not ambiguous at all and that i feel able to speak whenever something comes up.

I need to work on myself. I need to trust that even if we have a difficult discussion, it is not necessarelly the end, and after all it will most propably feel even better.

For it to work, we need to be on the same page, to understand each other and make us both feel like our love is bigger than all the work that is needed.

Discovery: Soending quality time together, experiencing new things, getting away from normality and losing a few hours.

Dream: I want to have a strong family unit. I want to be able to joke and tease with my partner and be comfortable around them. I want them to want the same outdoorsy life as me and seek new experiences. I want them to get on with my friends.

Design: I need to be more intentional with seeking out this type of person. I am more likely to meet this type of person while doing these things so if I start to lean into my interests more I am more likely to find like minded people.

Destiny: I need to seek out social groups with these interests and values

Discovery: I think the best parts of relationships are feeling completely at ease with someone; very content. Feeling like they understand you and see you and accept you for what you are.

Dream: I’d like someone who understands and accepts me. I want someone with whom my attraction for them doesn’t fade but seems to grow stronger. I want to feel powerful and useful to someone, but I don’t want to feel pressured to be or perform a certain way.

Design: I think I need to work on putting effort into a relationship. Communicating what I want, and using every day moments to build it.

Destiny: I think I need to accept the parts of myself that I feel guilty or ashamed about, and share them in a way with someone such that they can accept those parts of me.

Discovery: Connection. Affection. Partner. Support. Excitement. Sharing. Sexuality. Humor.

Dream: Being in a loving and supportive relationship where we can genuinely be ourselves with no fear of judgement. Spend everyday with your best friend and make new discoveries together.

Design: Get out there and explore the world. Find out what you like and don’t like. Find people who feel similarly and start building connection with them.

Destiny: Put myself out there every week to go meet new people and try new things. Socialize and be myself. Don’t be afraid of what others think.