Answer the 4Ds and share how you’re going to get the bond you want


Best part is complicity, we listen, engage,
I dream of making it big, more playful, deeper
I could répond more playfully, think a bit more before engaging
I will commit by having a nice, bref, exciting, quirky, but promising talk about my plan

Discovery: Best part is our mutual support for each other. It used to be our sexual desires for each other and trying out kinks like bondage but having kids has reduced intimacy and frequency of sex which has led to me finishing early and overall lack of confidence.

Dream: re-ignite our intimacy and return to being more sexual with each other.

Design: Improve my self confidence. Believe that…I am good enough and good in bed. Work in new ways for me to broach sex and turn her on. Learn to communicate and simmer with her that builds her libido as well. Do self exercises to last longer.

Destiny: repetitions and discipline is the key

I think I need to improve my social life to create more networking opportunities.

Discovery: The best part of our relationship was the joy we had for each other.

Dream: To become closer together

Design: I need to change my behaviour and learn to be more appreciative.

Destiny: Show my wife that I am really interested in her conversations about her day at work etc.
Set aside a specific time to share our thoughts and feelings.

Discovery- The things we do together and adventures.
Dream- To continue to love and show affection to one another.
Design- More and better communication. Show more love and affection.
Destiny- Communicate

  1. Open communication, understanding and always being there for each other
  2. Always surprising each other, never growing tired of our chemistry and fireworks that never fade
  3. Continue to be brave and open, talk about things and share too much rather than too little
  4. Always be willing to hear constructive feedback and never take things personally

Discovery - the excitement and happiness we have with each other.
Dream - continue to show affection and support for each other.
Design - understand our bids and needs better. Allow for more communication
Destiny - show full attention and keep communication going steady

Discovery: have someone you can always cont on.
Dream: Be in a relationship where there’s real appreciation from both ends and mutual respect.
Design: Get to know yourself and love yourself, keep on evolving in all aspects of your life.
Destiny: Stay open to respond to the right bids that will show up along the way.

Discovery: we spend our days together doing activities, we cook together, we make each other laugh, we roughhouse and play fight when drinking especially, entertain each other, enjoy movies together
Dream: spend our days together, do fun activities, compete together, grow together, set up a house, take care of animals
Design: further our connection, open up more to communicate better, understand each others issues, keep each other happy and satisfied
Destiny: equal and enthusiastic input/excitement for
the future from her

Closeness, laughter, patience. Constant clear communication, tenderness. Be softer, pay attention and sacrifice. Don’t put myself first.

Discovery: having support, having help in attaining emotional balance, and also being surprised
Dream: partnership with lots of communication and self-discovery
Design: finding a reasonably appropriate partner would be a good start. Meet more people
Destiny: looks a bit far on the horizon…

Discovery: Having someone there for you
Dream: No problems in the bedroom with my partner
Design: Learn to control or remove anxiety/overthinking and stress from the bedroom
Destiny: Continue to stick with this program

Discovery: Shared emotional support, empathy
Dream: Less anxiety around sex
Design: Overcome anxiety
Destiny: Great bond and sharing things together

Discover: the support and love I receive
Dream: I life together filled with love, health and amazing sex
Design: stop overthinking and focus on eachother
Destiny: with focus and openness

Discovery: having someone to rely on, talk to, laugh with, grow with, discover new things with
Dream: we communicate, have great sex, strengthen our bond, push and excite each other
Design: get over my fear of commitment and being vulnerable, put myself out there, and develop healthy coping mechanisms for anxiety
Destiny: stay open to new experiences, continue working on my mental, physical, and sexual wellbeing, and face my fears and just take the plunge

Discovery: The best parts of a relationship are when doing nothing feels like the most fun together

Dream: Building a mutually supportive relationship, pushing both of us to accomplish our individual goals knowing that the other will always be there to support us

Design: Fostering open communication so we can always say what’s on our mind and what we need from each other

Destiny: A partner who is always willing to talk and knows we’re working towards building the best relationship possible together. Someone who will never leave me no matter how tough it gets

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Discovery: enjoy each other’s company doing small stuff; intimacy; friendship
Dream: work together in our own business
Design: schooling and find a common ground to create a business venture
Destiny: start school in the fall

Discovery- love being with my wife weather it’s walking, sharing a chore together, or just cuddling on the couch, and being able to sleep together every night.
Dream: Enjoy being retired and spending as much time together making memories.
Design: meet with financial advisor to determine what date I can retire.
Destiny: make that appointment in two weeks.

Discovery: I like a happy dynamic one person with fun, unique experiences and fun, unique clothes and fun, unique jokes and just bringing some zest to life. dream: I want a future where bonds are stable and understanding and fun and dynamic and allow me to experience a higher version of myself. I need to be more patient. I need to be more open terms of my communication. I need to put myself out there more. I need to be more trusting of the universe. I need to keep saying persistent and I need to keep appreciating others for design. Destiny: try to find some small but consistent steps every single day. Stay focus on your baker vision and try out new things and don’t be discouraged when times are hard because good times are coming.