Am I doing Kegels correctly?

So in my kegel experience, I’ve noticed that there are actually two different types of squeezes in the pelvic area. I would like to share here and see if others have noticed this or if I need correction because no one I’ve heard has mentioned this.

When I squeeze the area between anus and ball sack tightens up and the balls lift up. Great I get that and I can hold that squeeze a decent amount.

The second squeeze is most noticeable if I have a full erection. There is a part of the pelvic muscle near the base of the penis that when I squeeze it the erected penis flings up. This squeeze also ties in a bit with the first type of squeeze as it also can stop the flow of pee. However when I squeeze this area of the pelvic muscle, I cannot hold it up as long as the first squeeze.

An interesting visual is to put a wet cloth over the erect penis while standing up right. Squeeze this pelvic muscle to fling the penis up and it may be harder to achieve because of the weight on top with the wet cloth.

Is this second squeeze area important to train as well? Does anyone know what I am talking about? I would like some clarity here.


It said you have to relax your cheeks while doing this so whatever squeeze happens while I can relax is good. They said it may be unnoticeable at first so I’m just going with good faith. I try to focus on my gooch.

I have noticed that something similar. I can count 4 different areas. All while keeping the glutes relaxed

  1. the butt hole squeeze.
  2. the taint squeeze lifts the balls slightly and tugs on butt hole too.
  3. the pee hold squeeze. The one that feels like stopping peeing
  4. the penis bob/flex squeeze. This one is my weakest one and until recently thought age had caught up with me and I’d lost this one. However I’m pleased to say since doing mojo it’s working again!

I have discovered all the different ones mentioned above as I have progressed also. Once you have spent some time focusing on the area it’s amazing how much more in tune you are with it.

My take would be to keep strengthening all. They all have different functions so can’t be bad to keep them in good shape.


Yea my penis Bob squeeze is the weakest too. I’m going to try and incorporate it into my kegel practice

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