After finding about a medical problem

I suddenly went soft during sex one day and then couldn’t get hard and my libido just died! I went to a urologist and he gave me cialis which helped but since we are trying for a baby i don’t want to be on a drug that will affect the fetus. Eventually I began to get hard again without meds but after I found out about a medical condition I have it got to my head and now can’t finish when I’m hard

What was the medical problem if you don’t mind me asking?

Sure. Found out I have multiple autoimmune disease which is when you get attacked by your body in different body systems which happens one after another and no one knows when it what body system the next one is gonna hit!! Stressed me the hell out!! Already have 4 and subconsciously thinking about what’s next is giving me crazy anxiety which is what I think is giving me the damn ed

I’m not a doctor, but from what I can see online, there is no risk of cialis affecting the health of your baby. Men are pretty lucky in that there is very little we can do to mess with the health of the sperm when trying for a child, nowhere near as considered as women might need to be when trying to conceive.

I would recommend speaking with your doctor if you’ve still got concerns about the medication, as it sounds like it was a good temporary measure to get you through a rough patch of anxiety affecting your erection, and it might be again!

It sounds as though you have had a tough time learning about this autoimmune disease - it is normal to feel anxious and I agree - chat things over with your doctor and hopefully he can take away some of the worry. If you are trying for a baby, this can also put pressure on, it will be important for you to communicate well as a couple at this time. Keep things as relaxed as you can and have fun! Mojo can help you understand how to get out of your head and back into your body, it will also give you confidence around your arousal and erections. Good luck!

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Autoimmune disease in 99+% cases hits only one thing. That is becouse antibodies are specialised only for one exact (in these case wrong one) antigen.

You’re correct but I’m not in that 99%
I’m one of those unlucky people who fall under that 1% and I’ve already been hit by 4 and have no idea what’s coming next!

Than wish you good luck.

But as it was already said, cialis does not affect your sperm. Or you forgot to say, that you have to take some other meds, that do have that kind of influence? Becouse some of immune supression meds give you a risk of fetus damage. But not all.

Oh dude I’m not on any other drugs or immunosuppressants but I’ll speak to my doc next time but the depleted libido is most likely caused by my mind