30 year old married men gets it then loses it

Hi everyone I’m 30 married I guess the situation started after our first child I’m always hard when foreplay starts I can tell I’m turned on I precum loads. But then I go floppy and sometimes cum when I’m wanking it to get hard. Any tips I currently masturbate loads to porn 4-5 times a day so I’m thinking of stopping but then if I do get hard during sex I’ll be quick viagra always works but my wife calls it a fake boner despite telling her about it

From all the things I’ve read on mojo and many other places, and my own experience I think your first thing to try is to stop the porn. I stopped and noticed a major difference, mainly that I feel things and not rely on visual stimulation. Stop the porn all together if you can it’s so harmful, to your wellbeing and your erections. You are flooding your brain with dopamine. Honestly give that a go, even if you still masturbate occasionally just to help you last longer , masturbate to the feeling of touching or your imagination. Not porn. This may seem impossible now but trust me have a week off porn, do the stimulation exercises on mojo and you will be able to climax from the sensation of actually masturbating and it’s a much better climax.

Wish I could jerk off 4-5 times a day haha. I am a one and done lol…maybe decrease jerking off frequency and this could help in the bedroom.

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